A Joy Forever: Sunset Taiwan

You see, if someone brought me a box of gift from Sunset for Christmas, I’d be Dobby with a sock. 

There are three jobs I’d kill a million girls for, Alinea menu taster, magazine photographer, and the owner of a kick-ass select shop (ohhh…please excuse my language). I am, of course, non of those-although I am currently working really hard on the second one, at least the photographer part. Anyways, speaking of an amazing select shop, I would say walking into one is like walking into a version of your life. Textures, colours, designs, ideas and CHOCOLATE (yes, you can never miss that), you decide how they fit in your life. See, if someone brought me a box of gift from Sunset for Christmas, I’d be Dobby the house elf, who received Harry Potter’s sock. 

在台北已經居住超過二十年,但每次回來還是會發現不一樣的驚喜。在熟悉的街道到處逛逛,就算到同一家店,也是能感受到截然不同的氛圍。上一次到Sunset是因為實習的關係,記得當時為櫃上各種玲琅滿目的創意感到驚喜,為空間裡令人著迷的生活美學而驚呼,不曉得原來台灣已經悄悄開始出現這樣的地方。老實說,走訪一間選物店,遠比單一品牌的店面有趣的多。藉由經營者的品味和巧思,挑選出也同樣符合自己口味的物品風格,再透過自己的創意,融入自己的生活中。同樣的物品,敘述的故事卻大不同。Sunset 對我來說,就是有著這樣功能的一個地方,購物完的時候,就覺得自己像是多比得到哈利波特的襪子那般開心期待。

The reason I visited, is because the christmas tree is ready, unfortunately, the boxes underneath are still empty. So I went there in a semi-raining Sunday afternoon, serenading this shop, walking around as I figured….Sunset, is seriously the Ali Babba’s den of treasures. I ended up shopping more for myself than for my loved ones. Marble collections, stylish candles (that also smells good, of course), and not to mention the amazing collection of publications: Gentlewoman, Kinfolk, and my personal favourite, Apartamento (one of those magazines I would happily sit down to read in the morning,  I enjoy it so much that sometimes I have to rush out of the house so that I won’t be late, again). 

想要替家人與朋友挑選聖誕禮物,時間緊迫,但我卻一點頭緒也沒有,腦筋一轉便想到當初和凡寧來到這裡的時光。因為是個人前來的關係,多了更多時間可以仔細觀察店裡的每樣商品,才發現這裏有太多寶物等著我們挖掘。這裏有著現正流行的大理石紋路系列商品,時尚的芬香蠟燭(味道當然也很不錯),美麗的餐具盤碗,甚至連雜誌刊物都令人驚豔;從 KinfolkGentlewoman,到我個人非常喜愛的西班牙讀物 Apartamento 都有。半個多小時過去,看著手中的提袋,不禁莞爾,給自己購入的禮物似乎比家人還多呀(汗)

Friendly service and beautiful things, this shop is an un-missbale attraction in Taipei. I’ve seen a few select shop, and splurged in most, but this was by far a favourite. The shopping experience is really pleasant. I left with Apartamento, a soap, a phone case and the tea flavoured chocolate from Erich Hamman. I’m still eyeing on those beautiful marble trays, hopping they will be mine really soon. 

不管是服務或是商品,Sunset 的品質都維持得很好,來這裡購物真的是一種享受。假如你在台北,不仿到這有別一般的選物店,來場盡興的生活美學饗宴吧!


NO. 157, Lane 417 Guang Fu South Road
 Taipei City, Taiwan


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  1. 12.24.15 / 6:30 am

    Loving the theme of the shop 🙂 Everything’s so minimalistic and clean, which must make for a great shopping experience <3 Your photos are always so breathtaking, Tiffany! Great job, and keep up the great work! 😀 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!XO, Elizabeth

    • 12.26.15 / 6:45 am

      me too! i love the minimalist atmosphere as well! shopping there sure feels like an indulgence! thank you so much Elizabeth, I hope you had an amazing Christmas too!

  2. 12.24.15 / 6:47 am

    I’d say you really have the talent to become a professional magazine photographer! I love all the photos you take, and the first one in this post is a great example. I love taking photos too, albeit on an amateur scale. And it’s also my dream to become a select shop owner but I’ll need to work a lot harder to make my dream come true (lol!). Love all the knick knacks and cute pouches, household items, etc in the shop-will try to hunt it down when I visit Taipei again.https://sartorialisttoujours.wordpress.com/

    • 12.26.15 / 6:49 am

      aw, thank you so much Shirlyn! i really appreciate it! its never too late to dream, i’m sure one day you will have a select shop, and i would love to visit! don’t miss this place if you come to Taipei! its definitely worth it! 🙂

  3. 12.24.15 / 2:33 pm

    So many cute similes in this post! I love how you used them:)You’re really doing a great job on photography! really like the light and shadeAnyway, merry Christmas and an early happy new year!

    • 12.26.15 / 6:57 am

      what do you mean my cute smilies? hahathank you for your kind words Elise, i’m so happy you like my photos! and i really appreciate the fact you found out i love playing with light and shades:)hope you had an amazing Christmas, and happy new year to you too!!

      • 12.26.15 / 2:17 pm

        hahaha, the cute similes referred to Dobby and Harry Potter’s socks, as well as Ali Babba’s den of treasures. The usages of these images did add vivid colors to the delineations. (Sorry for using this jargon in the comment lol)

    • 12.28.15 / 12:43 am

      you should! there’s loads of stuff to discover 🙂

  4. 12.29.15 / 2:23 am

    Oh this kind of shop would definitely kill my budget and I’d end up with more stuff for myself too! I’d say your on the best way for job #2 😉

    • 12.31.15 / 5:44 am

      yeah, i happen to splurge quite a bit in the shop too! thank you so much for your kind words Sileas 🙂

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