Dubai Part I

My latest photo diary — straight from the streets of Dubai. 

A few days ago we set food in Dubai for the first time, and oh my, what a great surprise. The city is gorgeous, with many beautiful high-rise building and globally known brands and restaurants, and the atmosphere felt like a mix between Hong Kong and Vegas. It’s only my third day, but I already had an amazing time exploring this place. In my opinion, Dubai seriously has everything. Water, desert, and even indoor snow court with penguins! All that said, even though I barely know Dubai well enough, I thought it ‘d be nice to share some of the photos so far. x


|The Brass Coffee & Company | 

On our first day, my friend from Dubai took us to The Brass Coffee & Company, a super yummy brunch & dessert place offering lots of options. I had one of the best brownies and the drink is great too. The restaurant is at the City Walk, an outdoor shopping area with beautiful trees and a fountain. I highly recommend any of you to check it out if you ever visit Dubai in the future. 

抵達後隔天,朋友帶著我們前往位於杜拜 City Walk 商圈的 The Brass Coffee & Company 用餐。不過因為時差的關係,當天早上已經在飯店吃過早餐,就選擇了幾個蛋糕,滿足女孩子愛吃甜點的胃。這家咖啡廳的飲料餐點,或許不是特別好吃,但中規中矩,倒也令滿意。挖了一口熱熱的布朗尼,配上香料茶,時差的疲憊也跟著一掃而空。 City Walk 是杜拜著名戶外商場,有許多特色小店和鮮豔裝飾,很推薦大家去看看走走。

Add//2nd Phase of City Walk — Al Safa Street

| Dubai Design District |

One of my favourite things so far is the opening week of Dubai Design District. I got to see so many local independent designers from all kinds of field. But the best part is definitely seeing the live performance of Calum Scott. His voice is so powerful in person, and we just couldn’t resist to stay and listen to a few more songs. 

這趟旅行,幸運地遇上杜拜設計園區的開幕週。與其說是開幕,倒是比較像是一場精彩的收藏展,從服裝、工業到室內設計,除了幾位中西知名的品牌,更多的是中東當地的年輕設計師。他們不單單只展現了他們的文化,由於杜拜本身是個國際大城,在他們的作品中也見到了豐富多變的個性。值得一提的是,那晚音樂表演的嘉賓是英國著名的 Calum Scott,即便晚了,力量磁性的聲音,還是讓我們不自覺地繼續駐足欣賞。

| Madinat Jumeirah |

Madinat Jumeirah is a bit touristy, but it doesn’t make it any less beautiful. It is the largest resort in the emirate. The area is designed to resemble a traditional Arabic town, which I find incredibly interesting. I love the atmosphere and how they recreated the scene of ancient middle eastern markets. And though the boat ride is not free, it was lovely and definitely worth it. 

Madinat Jumeriah 是屬於比較多觀光客的地方,不過我個人意外地很喜歡。這裡仿造杜拜的古城,將海灣居民的生活型態重新呈現,氛圍很也很舒服。另外,也有市集可以逛,十分有趣。時間足夠的話,也推薦大家搭乘木船,沿著運河看看整個區域。在杜拜的這幾天,天氣都很好,陽光雖強,但有著微風降溫,在怡人的感受下,透過船夫的字句,對阿拉伯文化又再度多了那麼一丁點的了解。

|Comptoir 102 |

You know I love my healthy meals, and surprisingly, there’s actually a lot around Dubai. After days of experience the Arabic food heaven, it feels great to taste the freshness of Acai berries again. Anyways, if any of you are looking for vegetarian cafe and restaurant, I would definitely suggest you give Comptoir 102 a try.  My favourite brunch place in the city…so far.

Comptoir 102 是我目前最喜歡的早午餐餐廳,裡面有許多素食選項,因為我旅遊的時候很怕飲食不均,所以一定挑幾家健康的輕食來平衡一下蔬菜的攝取量。這家的選擇很多,味道也好;而且同時還是一家複合式生活風格小店,吃飽喝足後別急著走,花個十多分挖寶逛逛,多麼滿足。

Add// 02 Beach Rd Jumeirah 1 — Dubai

| Desert Tour |

We spent an afternoon in the desert. I do distinctly remember, as a kid, seeing the Egypt desert on Discovery for the first time; I vowed to myself, one day I’ll be there. Fast forward to yesterday, though it was near Dubai rather than Egypt, I had the time of my life. Walking around barefoot, and sinking my feet in the sand, I have never felt so close to mother nature. We did Safari riding, we saw the camels and experienced an authentic Arabic dinner.  Life is great. 


Okay, so there you have it, my first Dubai Diary. Heading to Abu Dhabi soon, so stay tuned. x


shot on Nikon DF with 24-85mm lens


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  1. 12.13.16 / 6:05 am

    I’ve always wanted to visit Dubai because it’s such a beautiful city, and you’ve just solidified my love for it even more! <3 Your photos are always so beautiful! Hope you're enjoying your time there, Tiffany!XO, Elizabeth

    • 12.17.16 / 5:54 pm

      I know! The middle east has always been a mystery yet attractive area for me. I really recommend you visit Dubai in the future, it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen, so different from Europe and the States (in my opinion)! Glad you like the photos 🙂

  2. 12.14.16 / 3:05 am

    Dubai seems really a beautiful beautiful city! I’ve always wanted to travel to the dessert, but just haven’t got a chance.Your photos of the breathtaking dessert just prompt me to start planning a trip to the dessert area haha!xx

    • 12.17.16 / 5:57 pm

      It is! It has always been top of my list, but I still cannot believe I actually visited! I guess sometimes we just have to do it, or else Later becomes Never! I had a great time in the desert, the scenery blew my mind away. Everything seems endless, and there’s nothing you can do other than cheering for mother nature haha.

  3. 12.20.16 / 7:28 pm

    Everything looks beautiful – the food, the city, the desert. Love the way you always photograph things so well, too. The Design District seems like such an interesting place!Kathryn •

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