A Day in Shoreditch with Canon EOS M5


If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a series of photos with Canon. To be honest, though I’ve have my fair share of experience with other brands, this was my very first Canon camera, let alone a mirrorless one. And after a month of testing,  I thought I’d share with you all the pros and cons. All these photos are captured in Shoreditch (one of my favourites areas in London), and shot by their 50mm lens with a EOS M mount, more on the technical part later. 

First, for the past two years I’ve been shooting with a huge DSLR for all my work with lens ranging from 50mm, 35mm & 85mm; occasionally, I do rent a zoom lens for the flexibility, yet most of the time I prefer fixed ones. And by all my work, I mean even for Instagram. It’s not I don’t like a smaller body, I just couldn’t find a gear that has the compatible quality. Well, not until now.

When Canon introduced me to their new EOS M5, I was so surprised. Not only it’s a super light body, but the image are also extremely sharped. All that said, let me show you around Shoreditch, with some thoughts of this new cam. 

最近在 Instagram 悄悄上傳了一系列用 Canon 拍攝的作品。老實說,以一個攝影工作者來說,聽起來或許意外,但我是第一次他們家的相機,更別說是無反光鏡系列。經過測試,我覺得將這款較新的 Canon EOS M5 (搭配 50mm 定焦鏡)以旅遊文章的方式與你們分享。畢竟這樣應該比純粹介紹數據或術語有趣些,那方面的專業評論,還是推薦大家到的相機達人型的網站或論壇上看比較準確。

首先,自從接觸全福單眼,所有生產的影像都是用它,在 50mm、35mm 與 85mm 等定焦鏡頭間替換,工作上真的沒辦法,需要變焦的話,會用租借的。沒錯,包括 Instagram 都是用巨型單眼來拍,回家後用 Photoshop & Lightroom 修好圖再上傳。聽起來很麻煩我知道,但因為我有強迫症,在自己的頁面看到不搭嘎的色系和風格就不舒服(笑)。這並不代表,我不喜歡小相機,只是找了一陣子,都還沒有找到適合的,所以手邊留的都是大一那年入手的第一台。

當 Canon 向我介紹他們新的 EOS M5,我一開始真的著半信半疑。過了一個月的測試,它突破了我的各種預期。除了畫質驚人外,使用起來簡單,也非常輕。今天,就帶著這台旗艦迷你單眼,帶你們看看我很愛的 Shoreditch。




Speaking of select shops in East London, the Modern Society will definitely be top on my list. I love their amazing collection of travel & coffee related books, as well as their tasty cafe menu. Perhaps the creamiest brown I’ve had in a while. 

第一站帶大家來到,Modern Society; 是近期在東倫敦很愛的選物店。除了單品、配件,還有很多有趣的刊物。店裡也有小小的咖啡廳區,大約三桌,不管是飲料還是餐點的水準都不錯。私心推薦布朗尼,口感扎實甜度剛好,邊吃邊看書,剛剛好。

EOS M5 Thoughts:

When it comes mirrorless cameras, one of their greatest advantages is that they are super light-weighted. For this post, I had to walk around Shoreditch to get the shots, and though it may not seem like the largest area, at the end of the day, carrying the professional DSLR I normally have can be slightly tiring. Lucky enough, this time I have this compact body in hand. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something to travel a lot with. Also on the side note, if you want to take photos in your favourite cafe, it gives great photos without people staring at all your gear. 

前面就已經提到,EOS M5 的機型非常輕便。為了這篇文章,我特意花了一天的時間的在東倫敦 Shoreditch 區,雖然範圍並不算太大,但若以平常的攝影裝備來說,的確會有些吃力。這樣的重量,非常適合想要另外入手一台與工作無關但可以每天攜帶的相機。順帶一提,假如你喜歡在咖啡廳拍照,這台的確可以在不引人注目的情況下創造出不錯的照片。


I accidnetally discovered this place just only a few days back actually. I was attracted to their store setting, so I walked in without a doubt. And I’m glad I did! They carry a variety of designer jewellery, and most of them are at the edgier side such as Niza Huang which I personally adore! 

再來,是今年的新發現: Rachel Entwistle Jewellery 。店裡除了她自己的作品外,也引進了許多歐洲獨立品牌的創作。大部分的風格都是很有個性的,好比我自己很愛的台裔旅英的 Niza Huang,也可以在這裡找到。

eos m5 thoughts:

Like I mentioned, the quality is surpassingly good, especially in low light (well, if you have the right lens). The store was pretty dark itself, but the images turned out okay! Not to mention when you shoot in daylight, pretty close to my regular DSLR photos. It also comes with a flip & touch screen, which can be quite handy. 

不得不說,EOS M5 以一台無反光鏡的相機,畫質真的非常好,比想像中銳利也飽和許多。只要選對鏡頭,在偏暗的空間也能有不錯的表現,與平常的單眼只差一點點。直得一提的是,這款還有翻轉與觸控式螢幕喔。

3rd stop: barber & parlour

Though I do love a good ultimate Cowshed manicure, they can be kind of pricey, especially when it comes to the end of the month! The Cheeky Parlour at Barber & Parlour is an amazing alternative. I also go their if I need to give my caterpillar brows a quick tidy. 

第三站帶大家來到 Shoreditch 區域很有名的美甲與美髮店 Baarber & Parlour(笑)當然如果可以的話,我也希望每個月到奢華的 Cowshed 享受,但這樣實在吃不消。於是這家店裡的 Cheeky Parlour 變成了最佳的第二選擇。不只有手足保養,也有眉毛整理與修剪的服務,是「進廠維修」的好地方。


Since its a relatively new model, the lens selection is still quite limited. However, this problem can be solved by getting their mount adaptor. Instead of the normal zoom lens kit, I went for the body with a EF 50mm/f 1.4 lens, which in my option, in terms of sharpness, is a serious upgrade. 

M5 是Canon的第一台無反光鏡相機,所以目前鏡頭選擇並不多。不過這個問題,只要入手品牌的鏡頭轉換接頭就能迎刃而解,對於本來就是品牌的愛用者的人來說,更是方便。我捨棄了品牌原先建議的搭配,另外選擇了我個人習慣與偏愛的 50mm/f 1.4 定焦鏡,變相來說,只要掌握得好,的確是種提升。



Last but not least, the famous Box Park. I absolutely love this place. And they practically have everything I want…Kiehl’s, street food, fashion pop-ups, home decor stores, and the best ice cream! This used to be my go-to spot when I first moved to East London, and though I don’t come here as often now, it’s still top on my list. Plus, the flower market is just a few minutes away, don’t miss that too.

最後,我們來到車站旁的 Box Park 貨櫃商場。這是我剛來倫敦的時候,下課後最常與同學前往的地方。裏頭,幾乎所有需要的東西都找得到,有愛牌 Kiehl’s,街頭小吃,居家裝飾的選物店,還有我個人覺得在東倫敦最好吃的冰淇淋。加上,著名的哥倫比亞花市也在不遠處,兩個一起打勾,剛剛好。


I heard mirrorless cameras are great for videos, so I gave it a try the other day. Honestly, its amazing, especially if you do travel vlogs, since it has a great auto-focus. Now with this one in my bag, hopefully I’ll get to share some videos with you all soon!

知道無反光鏡的數位相機,很適合拍攝影片,於是在拿到 M5 後就有陸陸續續在嘗試。前陣子實驗的是旅遊 vlog,準確的自動對焦,讓整個過程輕鬆了些,對於影片剪輯方面還在學習,希望很快就可以與你們分享!


All that said, if I have to choose, I’ll still always go for my DSLR. The speed is so much faster (crucial for all kinds of shoots really), and its full frame, which is something I personally prefer. However, if you’re a professional photographer, and you’re looking for an extra body to carry around when you’re not doing work related stuff, then the EOS M5 is definitely a nice choice. Or, if you just started shooting a while ago, and you might not be ready for the huge DSLR, but still want quite the upgrade, this can be a compatible consideration, in my option. 

Nevertheless, photography was never merely about the gear. At least for me, its more like a mean of expression; everyone sees the world differently, and I love sharing my perspective through images. Plus, our world is constantly changing, and these shots are a great way to reflect where we’re at. 

總體來說,如果一定要我從目前手邊的相機挑選,我還是會毫不猶豫地選擇平時工作上的單眼;不只畫質非常銳利、速度快(各種場合來說,拍攝速度都很重要),全幅也是其中一個原因。所以,M5 到底是在什麼樣的情況下適用呢?第一,你是位攝影工作(愛好)者,在尋找適合平時輕鬆帶出門的機型,以便進行工作以外的攝影,那麼,我會推薦它。再來,你剛開始接觸攝影,還未做好手握單眼的準備,但還是想要某種程度上的升級,也可以考慮 M5。

最後,想問問你們,覺得怎麼樣才是場一場令人享受的拍攝?如同每個樂手,總有把自己心儀的琴;一台契合的相機,有助於我們透過影像,盡情表達。這一切感受,與規格高低無關;畢竟再昂貴的相機,若不合手感,那它也無用武之地。這幾年,習慣每天與時間賽跑,這台 Canon EOS M5 便順勢成了提醒我要駐足欣賞身邊事物的小夥伴。

in collaboration with Canon
shot on Canon EOS M5 with 50mm lens.


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  1. Victoria Lee
    5.3.17 / 7:11 pm


    • Tiffany Yang
      5.8.17 / 5:46 pm

      不會啦,每個人的考量都不同😂,相信你新選的相機也很不錯! 我其實是第一次用 Canon 一開始真的怕拍不出我想要的感覺,好險還滿好上手的。你寒假要來倫敦耶!!天啊我光聽到都替你感到興奮了哈哈,倫敦冬天很美,只是一下就天黑了,這區的話建議在白天以前結束行程喔,安全些(笑)

  2. 5.3.17 / 8:43 pm

    This camera sounds just amazing! I was actually looking for a new one and will def check this one out, thanks for sharing!! The photos are so beautiful and I LOVE Shoreditch by the way :)http://violettedaily.com

    • Tiffany Yang
      5.8.17 / 5:42 pm

      It is really a pleasant surprise, especially when I wasn’t expecting much at first! Shoreditch is the best place for shopping and cafe I reckon, now more than ever!

  3. 5.4.17 / 1:32 am

    i’ve heard good things about the canon m5. unfortunately, it’s out of my price range right now and i already have the g7xm2 + sony a5100 which i love. good to know this one has better auto focus cause i feel canon is kinda slacking in that department esp in videos. nice post!! :)www.fionnac.com

    • Tiffany Yang
      5.8.17 / 5:41 pm

      Oh really, this is my first Canon, so I had no idea its slacking in their auto focus, thankfully this model is working alright! If you’ve already found a camera you love, I reckon just stick it with it! Its always best to have something you are happy and familiar with in hand for a shoot 🙂

  4. 5.5.17 / 1:52 am

    Stunning shots! I’ve only owned a Nikon and now an Olympus Pen. It’s always fun at the beginning when you are trying out a new camera and seeing what photos you take =o)https://dreamofadventures.com/

    • Tiffany Yang
      5.8.17 / 5:39 pm

      I know right! I love the process of getting to know your new camera and experimenting with it! Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. 5.5.17 / 4:31 pm

    I’ve been looking into getting a mirrorless camera for a while now. I find that I tend to just leave the DSLR at home because of the weight but haven’t really found a "replacement" for it to take with me when I go out. I’ll definitely look into this one!Vickyhttps://vickysscrapbook.com/

    • Tiffany Yang
      5.8.17 / 5:38 pm

      haha, I’ve been carrying my DSLR around for the past few years, and sometimes it can be quite painful (specially for us Asian girls!). This one is great alternative, without sacrificing too much quality.Have a great day Vicky!

  6. 5.6.17 / 12:56 am

    我曾經考慮過 Canon EOS M5,但最後入手了 Olympus Pen F 作為隨身機(順道一提,非常滿意這台相機!)以前用過 Canon S110,印象中色澤比較飽和偏黃,不知道 EOS M5 會不會這樣?很喜歡這篇文章的呈現,也期待妳的 vlog 和影片分享!

    • Tiffany Yang
      5.8.17 / 5:37 pm

      有,凡寧有推薦那台,復古外表真的超美的。其實我之前也有聽說 Canon 會讓色調偏黃,但我目前用這台的感覺還好,照片編輯起來也滿容易的,倒也鬆了一口氣。謝謝妳,也期待你的 MillyQ interview xx

  7. 5.6.17 / 1:15 pm

    Wow, the photos really look great! I’ve been looking for a mirrorless camera, as it’s not always convenient to carry around a big DSLR, but as you say, they often come with big sacrifices on quality. Will definitely check this one out, maybe there are some upcoming Ramadan sales:)

    • Tiffany Yang
      5.8.17 / 5:33 pm

      Thank you so much Mitzie!! This one from Canon really keeps the quality up, though I do recommend going for the fix lens rather than the zoom one in the kit! x

  8. 5.8.17 / 2:52 am

    These photos look amazing!! I recently bought a DSLR and it is on the heavier side, and I don’t enjoy bringing it to restaurants to take pics of the food. This would be a perfect camera for taking around! Thanks for the great blog post – I’m definitely going to have to check out this camera!Joanne | https://fung-shui.com

    • Tiffany Yang
      5.8.17 / 5:32 pm

      Thank you Joanne! I get you Joanne, DSLR sure does have the best qualities, but it can be a bit too much for a casual meal in a restaurant. Have a great day! 🙂

  9. 5.27.17 / 8:47 am

    Thanks for sharing your opinion! Your photographs are stunning. I never owned a DSLR but I’m very happy with my mirrorless so far. I guess the weight is a big issue for me, especially while traveling!

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