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5 places to eat in melbourne

One of my biggest passion in life (other than photography), is eating! If follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I take my relationship with food really serious. So today, let me introduce you to my 5 favourite food spots in Melbourne! Here we go! 

我是個標準的「吃貨」,不管是在任何國家、城市,我總會搜集一系列想嚐嚐的餐廳、咖啡館。如果你們有追蹤我的 Instagram 相信你們就會懂了,除了攝影,尋找美食是我最熱衷的另一件事。所以咧,今天憑藉著自己在墨爾本往返多年的經驗,決定我把現階段的口袋名單與你們分享,快來看看吧!

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7 Things to do in New York

And boom, another New York trip arrived. Unplanned & unexpected. Seriously, time flies…if I’m honest. All that said, here’s my list of 7 things to do in NYC! 


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10 things to do in London

Here’s my guide of 10 things to do in London as both a tourist and a venturer. 


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A Day in Shoreditch with Canon EOS M5

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a series of photos with Canon. To be honest, though I’ve have my fair share of experience with other brands, this was my very first Canon camera.

最近在 Instagram 悄悄上傳了一系列用 Canon 拍攝的作品。老實說,以一個攝影工作者來說,聽起來或許意外,但我是第一次他們家的相機

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