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Hero Products: The Brush Collection

I asked you guys to let me know what you’d like to me share in my previous beauty post and some of you mentioned my brush collection. So here you go! 

在上一篇 Hero Products 的文章,請大家提出下一個希望我分享的主題,而有些人提出了刷具。我自己也覺得有趣,便立刻來準備。

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Hero products: The Great Skin Cheat

My favorite, fail-proof products to achieve that “great skin look”! 


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Stop & Visit uka. Really.

As I was half way through my Tokyo trip, I got a last minute invitation to experience an amazing Japanese beauty brand, uka. And I’m so happy I did! It was definitely one of the best nail treatments I’ve had. 

這趟來到東京,有幸得到體驗全方位沙龍 uka 的機會。有趣的是,此次合作非常臨時,幾乎是到離開前一天才拍板定案。不過,我倒認為這地利之便來得正是時候;一個多小時美甲服務也是我近期遇過最好的。一起來看看吧!

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Tips on Using Essential Oils

If you’ve ever read my skincare posts, you know I absolutely love using oils. Oils are my favourite skincare remedy. 


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5 Ways to Invest in Yourself

Despite the fact for not being around my family much, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by so many role models throughout the years, and it was them who shaped who I’ve become and what I want out of life. And now looking back, I found a significant pattern when it comes to listing out these role models. I was solidly inspired by independent women. Those who were not afraid to raise opinions, and those who knew how to invest in themselves

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