Believe it or not, being a writer was my biggest dream as a kid. I used to make these little books, and write my own stories. As I got older, I was introduced to the world of novels. And I would spend hours with a book in bed. I was so fascinated by how books can bring you from one place to another. Thinking of it now, I guess my love for words did impact my choices and is the reason why I choose what I do now for a living. So, when 10/10 Apothecary reached out and told me about the Miller Harris Scherzo scent, I was more than excited. It’s a scent dedicated to literature. Literature by Scott Fitzgerald, need I say more?

作家,是我小時候的夢想職業。小時候,因為家裡限制不能看電視,所以書本成了我最好的朋友,也常常用摺紙的方式塗塗寫寫自創的故事書,幻想有一天能夠出版自己的作品。說到看書,我是那種可以一看就看好幾個小時的小孩,還曾經一度被吳小姐禁止看課本以外的讀物,因為一翻開就會把作業拋到九霄雲外(笑)現在想想,或許就是一直以來對文字的熱愛,才造就了現在的工作趨向。所以,一知道 miller harris 最新的淡香精是以 Scott Fitzgerlad (大亨小傳的作者)的「夜未央」為發想的時候;可想而知,身為文學迷的我,當然不可能錯過。



First things first. Scott Fitzgerald is my favourite writer from the 20s. No jest. I mean, seriously, nobody portrays the Jazz age like he does. All that said, to me, there’s always something novelty about the way Miller Harris creates their scent. For instance, this time, they had two perfumers read the same paragraph from Fitzgerald’s Tenders is the Night, before they go on and create the scent notes: Scherzo & Tender. Pretty poetic, right? Just like how every reader can have unique thoughts on the same book. The perfumers portrayed the classic in two completely different ways. 

首先,讓我說說這位我特別愛的美國作家。以個人喜好來說,我覺得沒有人比 Scott Fitzgerald 更懂得著墨投射爵士年華的紙醉金迷。姑且不提大亨小傳,此次淡香精的靈感來源「夜未央」,敘述的正是一對看似光采絢麗的夫婦背後的各種難言之隱,遊走於憧憬與現實幻滅間的複雜情節,在作者筆下的不單是小說劇情,還呼應了二零年代的浮誇與渾噩,間接貼近了Fitzgerald 當時的私人生活。而 Miller Harris 這次的製作過程也同樣頗具詩意,讓兩位調香師在閱讀夜未央的同一段文字後,利用香氛來演繹他們的感受。就如同同一款香精在每個人心中的感受起來不太一樣般,他們經由文學詮釋出的兩款淡香精也是截然不同。





The Miller Harris Scherzo Scent experience

This particular one I’m sharing with you guys comes a relatively brighter & richer characteristic, just like its name Scherzo. Begining with a citrus note of tangerine, followed by the powdery rose whiff, and rounding off with a wealth of vanilla. The bottle, reminding me of my early morning reading moments; where I curled up by the window before the day starts. It’s getting pretty chilly down here in Melbourne, and yet the Autumn sun is still warm, just like how the first spritz made me feel. The scent blends perfectly with my quiet AMs, especially when I choose to have something sweet for breakfast while flipping through pages. 

跟大家分享的 Scherzo 是兩款中比較明亮的氣息,像是二零年代給人的第一印象一樣,非常飽滿、鮮明。由血橙開頭的清新前調, 緊接著玫瑰的甜美粉味,最後以濃郁的香草收尾,三個看似不該一起出現的組合,在香氛師的調配下,意外地很和諧。這味,讓我想起了在窗邊的晨間閱讀時光,嗅覺在客廳的鮮花、書本香和早餐糕點間周旋的美好片刻,慵懶的同時還很振奮人心。做為一個喜歡享受獨處的人,出門前噴一點,把早上的寧靜與自在帶在身上,用好心情面對一天的挑戰。喜歡 Miller Harris 的原因有很多,其中包含了他們特別有層次與質感的香味傳遞,不制式化的組成,以再自然也不過的蜿蜒轉折成就了場感官饗宴。


On a side note, I went back and re-read Tenders is the night when I received Miller Harris scherzo scent. As I was wearing it for the past 2 weeks or so, I realised my afterthought completely changed from my first read a few years ago. I had sympathy for another character and was confused by the one I used to like. Same goes with scent, everyone wears it differently, the way it smells, fades away and sits on the skin is completely unique for every human being. 

這兩週,託 Miller Harris 的福,重新把夜未央看了一遍,不過讀後感卻和幾年前卻有些差距。憐憫的角色不同,感到煩躁的對象也飄移了,彷彿讀的不是同一個人。香氛之於我們也是如此,同一款噴灑在兩個人身上,散發出的氣息不一樣,腦海中藉由嗅覺聯想的縮影也不會一樣。其實這就是這麼多人迷戀香氛的原因吧,就算帶回家的是同一瓶,擁有的依舊是你我獨有的芬芳,有點客製化的感覺(笑)。說到這裡,大家有空真的可以去 10 10 Apothecary 靠櫃試試 Scherzo,體驗專屬自己的文學香氛之旅。


in collaboration with 10 10 Apothecary
shot on Fuji Film XT2 with 23mm lens

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