A while a go, I received a few Omorovicza products, and after a few weeks of test & trials, I thought I’d give you some feed back. Along with their signature thermal water, they are so easy to use and the ingredients are all natural! Keep scrolling for some of my favourites! 

將近一個月前,收到了一些布達佩斯溫泉品牌 Omorovicza 的產品,經過了幾週的嘗試,決定來跟大家分享一下心得。聊聊我目前最愛的三個品項,以及我怎麼把他們融入到我的保養程序中,一起來看看吧!




Thermal spring, one of the many amazing things Budapest is famous for. Drawn from the historical healing springs, thermal water is the kind of ingredient that every type of skin loves. It heels, soothes and revitalises our skin cells with the most beneficial minerals. And now, due to with 12 years of experience, Omrovicza has developed a great range of products that comes with the purest elements, finest essentials oils and vitamin C. I have been dealing with sensitive skin for the longest time, and their products have truly become my best friend. For this past month, my irritation and redness are both significantly reduced. 

布達佩斯一直在我旅遊名單上,想去看看漁夫堡,嚐口花瓣冰淇淋,當然,還得體驗一舉世聞名的溫泉浴場。在當地,浴場不只是他們下棋、喝茶的交際場所,還跟著孕育出了他們獨有的養生觀,有著「活水」別稱的溫泉,是居民心中最佳的天然良藥。Omorovicza 創辦人夫婦,就是看中了這樣的自然療效,在十二年前攜手推出了以家族姓氏為名的溫泉保養品牌。其實泉水噴霧在所有養膚愛好者心中都佔有一定的地位,以敏感肌來說,它絕對是鎮定肌膚的第一首選。不過, Omorovicza  在活水中融入了最純粹的維他命C、精油以及各種天然內容物,打破了大眾腦海中的既定框架 ⏤ 原來,礦物水不是只能拿來當噴霧而已呢。


Omorovicza by Tiffany Yang




Known as the classic of the brand, the Queen of Hungary Mist is one of Omorovicza’s best selling products. It’s first product I tried. I love the refreshing smell of thermal water, I use it every night after cleanser to sooth my redness a bit, and also the morning before applying make up for the extra glow. 




okay, the Oxygen Booster is pretty damn good. Easily one of the best products I’ve tried recently. Savior for tired-skin, the gel formula plumps, brighten and smooths, giving you the 8-hours sleep look. I’m almost half way through, and will definitely head to mecca for a second bottle. You can either mix it with your moisturiser or use it by itself as a serum, both works amazing. 

習慣晚睡的人肌膚很容易缺氧,看起來就會特別暗沈,而豐潤亮采活氧凝露就是來幫我們補充能量的,像是皮膚的提神飲料一樣(笑)。按壓一到兩下和乳液混合使用是我最喜歡的方式(也可以單擦或加到精華液裡面)。這絕對是近期最愛的產品,看著快見底的瓶身 ⏤「嗯好,準備補貨!」推薦給所有長期熬夜的同路人。




Another honourable mention definitely goes to the Midnight Radiance Mask. A great fix for that morning glow, this leave-on mask works on resurfacing & brightening the skin while your sleeping. The sand lily and salicylic acid mildly exfoliates during the night, and lets us wake up with a more even skin tone and smoother texture the next day. This may not be the most hydrating night mask I’ve tried (I have quite dry skin, so if you have other skin types it might just be perfect), but it’s undoubtedly the most brightening one. Also, it does’t irritate at all, which I’m so so grateful for. 




As you guys know, I’m quite the night owl. I know it’s not the healthiest habit, so I’ve decided to change things up, for the sake of my body health, and of course ⏤ my skin. All that said, besides altering my body schedule, I’m also constantly looking for products that makes me look less-tired through out the day, because I always am (well hopefully, not for long!). What are some of your favourite products for tired skin? I’d love to know x 

10 10 Apothecary 跟我接觸的時候,簡單詢問了一下我的生活型態,接著就把這系列的產品推薦給我。欸,是的,其實講的直白點,就是推薦給晚睡人士(笑)應該好一陣子沒有這麼狂熱的使用單一個品牌的不同產品,因為工作的關係,我的保養程序通常都包含了很多不同品牌,但不得不說,這來自布達佩斯的溫泉滋養,真的熬夜人的好夥伴,不藏私推薦給大家。如果你也對 Omorovicza 感到好奇、心動,建議大家到 10 10 apothecary & 10 10 hope 的櫃上詢問,才能找到適合自己膚質與作息的產品唷。



in collaboration with 10 10 hope & apothecary
shot on fuji xh1 with 35 mm lens



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