In the previous Hero Products post, I asked you guys to let me know what you’d like me to share in the following series, and some of you mentioned my brush collection. Well, you ask, I deliver..though I’m far from being a make-up expert, here are some tools I personally think are the easiest ones to use. Anyways, without further ado…let’s get started!

在上一篇 Hero Products 的文章,請大家提出下一個希望我分享的主題,而有些人提出了刷具。我自己也覺得有趣,便立刻來準備。不過在開始前,想先與大家說明一下,因為我不是專業的化妝師,所以這些也都是我覺得簡單好用的。建議大家還是要靠櫃去感受一下喔。



I feel like a good foundation brush is really hard to come by, and luckily I’ve found two! I’ve been using the Artis Brush from the very beginning, and I’m still in love it. I reckon it’s the best choice for all levels, even beginners! The design made blending foundation super easy, creating a beautiful base on your skin.

The Hourglass Vanish Seamless Brush, on the other hand, is a good replacement. It’s not as perfect as the oval shape (in my opinion), but it’s a better choice while you’re on-the-go. And it goes with any sorts of base products, liquid, cream, powder, foundation stick…all of them, really!

在我看來,好的粉底刷非常難找。因為每個人的膚質與敏感度都不相同,能接受的觸感和刷毛也就跟著不一樣;如果又另外考慮到慣用底妝的質地,那又是另一門學問了。一年前開始使用 Artis Brush 後,便從來沒有間斷過。不太吃粉底液,也很適合新手,十分推薦。這款刷具有分不同的尺寸,大家可以根據自己的習慣來選擇。

雖說 Artis Brush 很好用,但因為體積偏大,旅遊的時候比較不方便。所以出門的時候,我會換成 Hourglass 的 Vanish Seamless Brush。雖然可能因為設計並沒有前者那麼順手,但妝感和實用度卻很令人滿意。從粉底液、粉條到粉霜,都能輕鬆駕馭,值得考慮。




I’m obsessed with powder brushes, and I can be really fussy when it comes them. The LA MER one is extremely expensive if I’m honest, and yet when you give it a go, you’ll understand why. Its worth every penny! Ever since I got this a month ago, I stopped the powder brush hunt. (If its way over your price range, try Bobbi Brown & Make Up Forever).

對於蜜粉刷,一直都有著異常的執著,朋友甚至以「很挑」來形容過我。近期的新歡是海洋拉那的,這支在剛上市後不久,就成了眾多部落客與名人的推薦款。不過它的單價以刷具來說真的頗高,所以一直等到聖誕節折扣季才終於靠櫃並入手。然後,跟許多人一樣,它即成了我的最愛,軟硬適中,細緻的刷毛使用起來很舒服,上蜜粉成了我每天早上最期待的步驟。當然,知道它可能超出許多人的預算範圍,所以再另外跟大家推薦 Make Up Forever 跟 Bobbi Brown 的也都不錯。



I have used a couple of brushes for bronzing which I have liked. My current favourite is from Laura Mercier. The size is pretty petite so it’s easy to travel with. The Mecca Max Highlight Hitter is great for powder highlight. I prefer this more than a fan shape one, as it gives a more natural look. I used to use the Nars blush brush 20 before I got this Chanel one as a gift. I like both, so I keep one on my dressing table, and the other in my travel beauty bag.

修容刷我換過幾款,目前用的是 Laura Mercier 的,他體積很適合攜帶,修容效果很自然,不會太刻意;唯一的缺點就是它滿容易掉毛的。打亮的部分,比起扇形的我自己更習慣園頭型,局部打亮起來也能比較仔細。再來是腮紅,在兩三個月以前用的都是 Nars 的 20 號,生日的時候收到朋友送的 Chanel #4 腮紅刷,兩者表現都差不多,中規中矩,便交替著使用。


These are the only ones I’ve ever owned to go with my very limited palette collection (as you can see, my colour scheme is pretty minimal as well).

From right to left, Bobbi Brown for applying base, then the Tom Ford one to make sure everything blend properly; and lastly, the #15 Double Sided Stila Brush for the crease and defining.


右到左,Bobbi Brown 的打底刷是第一個步驟,接著中間的 Tom Ford 暈染刷來打造乾淨的暈色與邊界。最後,我個人最愛的 Stila 15號雙頭刷,扁平那頭適合用來上眼窩,再來是上眼線色的尖頭(這支真的是心頭好,大家如果去國外一定要給它一次機會)。


There you go, my brush collection. What are your favourite make-up tools? I’d love to know!
Also, feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like me to write about other topics! x




Shop the products:

Hourglass foundation brush/
Artis Brush Oval 8/
La mer Powder Brush/
Laura Mercier bronzing brush/
chanel no.4 blush brush/
Mecca Max highlight hitter/
Stila #15 double sided eye brush/
Tom ford blending brush/
Bobbi Brown eye shadow brush/





  1. 1.9.18 / 2:52 am

    All of your brushes are so elegant and luxe, Tiffany! 🙂 I really want to try the Artis brush! I’ve heard such great things about it! Loving all of these gorgeous photos! <3
    XO, Elizabeth

    • 1.13.18 / 2:12 pm

      Thank you so much Elizabeth! You should really try the Artis brush, it’s amazing!! xx

  2. 1.9.18 / 6:25 am

    Your brush collection is so pretty!

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