Tiffany Yang is a Taiwanese photographer and writer based in Melbourne, Australia/


After graduating with an Arts degree from Monash University, Tiffany spent a few years in London where she worked with fashion and beauty brands. She produces contents with her identical photography, specializing in lifestyle editorials and beauty flat-lays. Started documenting fashion week in 2016, and launched her own photography studio Rosa Productions in early 2018. Tiffany is also a regular feature writer in a few Chinese online magazine, such as  Polysh, Wazaiii & The Affairs.

二十多歲,台北人。Tiffany 以攝影師與文字工作者的身份闖蕩世界,戰過倫敦、跑過東京,目前暫居澳洲墨爾本。擁有大眾傳播背景,熱愛旅行、愛挖掘任何與美相關的人事物。在經營個人部落格之餘,也於 2018 年開創個人的攝影品牌 Rosa Productions,與時尚博主,美妝與服裝品牌相互交流、合作。自2015 年起,陸續在許多平台擔任定期撰稿人 ,例如Polysh 、Wazaiii 和 The Affairs 週刊編輯


some brands i’ve worked with:

The Affairs / Wazaiii / Polysh Magazine / Yes! Please Enjoy! / Hxxa.Info / Toast Living / Farfetch / Beara Beara / Attic Accessories / Sóley Organics / Neom Organics / Elemental Herbology/ Grown Alchemist/ 10 10 Hope / Nevenka Skincare / Smile Cøffee / Cafe By Juicy Diary / Fabrica Cafe / Grassphere Tea Shop / Place M / Bondi Wash / Uka / tobi / Miller Harris




These are the question I get in my mailbox the most, so I compiled them into a list.
If you there’s still something you’d like to ask, send in an email and I will try my best to answer them.

我整理了一些常常在 Facebook Instagram & Email 中收到的提問。


What camera do you use? and what editing software? 

I’m currently using a Canon 5D for most of my work, and when I’m travelling I normally just carry my eos m5 (I wrote an article about it here!).

I use Lightroom (for overall colour scheme and style) and photoshop ( small details) to edit my photos.

How about your Instagram photos? What apps do you use? 

I use VSCO, but most of the time I just edit them through Instagram directly.

Where do you live exactly?

I’m based in Melbourne at the moment (though I do go back to my hometown Taipei a lot).

Why aren’t you in your photos most of the time? 

Because I prefer to take them myself haha. My sister takes them for me if I really have to be in the photos, and when she’s not around I normally just use a tripod or ask a friend for help.

How tall are you?


What’s your favourite skincare product?

I’m always testing/trying new products, so it varies. The soft cream from LA MER is an all-time favourite, as well as the rose oil from Lancôme.

你用的是什麼相機, 然後邊修照片的軟體是什麼?

我現在用的是 Canon 5D ,然後沒有工作的時候用的是 eos m5 (可以在這裡看看之前寫的分享文)

編輯照片的部分我習慣先用 lightroom 調色,接著再用 photoshop 做細節上的處理

那 Instagram 上的照片呢?

VSCO,雖然大部份時候我都直接用 Instagram 的內建功能。




因為我喜歡自己拍照片(笑)但當需要我本人出現的時候,同常都要我妹妹 Eugenia 掌鏡(她很會拍!),但當她不在我身邊的時候我會自己用腳架,要不就是請朋友幫忙。


155 公分


我常常在 follow與測試個品牌的新產品,所以每段時間的最愛都不太一樣。不過海洋拉娜的乳霜是必備,然後蘭蔻的玫瑰精萃我也很常回購。