Japan Guide: Kiso Valley Dreaming

Going through these images of my recent Japan trip made me sad & really happy. I probably didn’t know how much of an impact it had on me until I started putting this post together. I spend four nights in Tokyo along with another 2 in Nagoya; the later was a brand new experience. Funny enough, I did not spend much time in the city, but dedicated an entire day at its suburb ⎯ Kiso Valley. It was a highlight.  


About The Location |關於妻籠宿與馬籠宿

Magome-juku & Tsumago-juku are two of the most famous places in Kiso Valley. They were both post-towns where travellers rest while walking the ancient 70km trade route; it was the only way between Edo and Kyoto back then. And now, they have put their history to use, with everything preserved so well, visitors get to enjoy the Edo-era stone path, wooden houses, and traditional food treats. There are also several museums, showing information and stories of the country. All that said, Tsumago Post office is the most popular attraction, which has been in business since the 17th century. How cool is that!    






Getting There |交通

We took the JR line to Nagiso station from Nagoya, and took about an hour. Afterwards, you can either choose to take the bus or taxi to Magome-juku & Tsumago-juku. For those who prefer the bus, I suggest checking the timetable first, so you wouldn’t have to wait for another 40 mins. 

從名古屋出發的話,需要搭乘往長野方向的 JR,車程一小時左右。到南木曾站下車再接著轉乘巴士或計程車到妻籠宿&馬籠宿。選擇巴士的,一定要事先查過班次,不然就會遇到要在車站空等個四十分鐘的窘境。在來之前,有聽說部分人會以建行的方式從馬龍宿走到妻籠宿,大約會花上二到三小時左右,但當天實在是太冷了,這個提案便作罷(笑) 




Food to try |小吃

The streets are filled with traditional bites such as grilled rice balls, soba noodle, beef skewers, and persimmon pastries. I love the how soba noodle came with a plate of fried mushrooms, which my friend & I ordered another serve because it was that good. Do give the grilled rice ball a try, the sauce and rice tasted well together. Also, the little gift shops are perfect if you want to bring home some snacks.






To think most people visit here during summer/spring season, I loved how the area looks during snow season. The streets and houses looked even more magical. If you’re one who loves historical views, small village vibes and beautiful scenery, Magome-juku & Tsumago-juku from Kiso Valley would be the place for you.