the body care dual for tea lovers

For the longest time I remember, I never had a specific routine when it comes to body care. Comparing to my obsession with skincare, I’m the lazy gal in this area. The most I do is probably finding new products…

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Tiffany Yang is a Taiwanese travel writer & lifestyle photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. This space documents her passion for beauty, fashion and world adventures.

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  • the @millerharris tea tonique perfume is a tea lover’s dream come true 🖤
覺得香氛這種東西真的很神奇,簡單的一個按壓動作,就能改變每個人的情態。「#millerharris 午後伯爵系列」— 推薦給所有愛茶人。
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  • current make up deets 👇🏼
• @maccosmeticsaustralia strobe cream
• @armanibeauty luminous silk in shade 2 & high precision retouch
• @meccamaxima banana bake powder for the under eye
• @diormakeup lip addict lipstick in nude chill
• @millerharris tea tonique scent
what are your favourites ❤️
  • friday morning at home 💻☕️ i’m normally out editing at a cafe by this time, but my leaking windows are getting fixed at the moment, so here’s my dining table/temporary work station 🙆🏻🙆🏻
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  • charlie’s denim 😍 sending a huge thank you to everyone that help me made this happen!
mua: @kellyrose_mua 
hair: @teresa_peh 
stylist: @ironicminimalist 
photography: me 🙆🏻
  • hone your craft.

take better photos with the bomgogo govision l3 combo

Hey guys, since I get quite a lot of questions about my Instagram photos, I thought it would be cool to write a post about it. I used to stick with shots taken from my camera only. I would edit…

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miller harris & my literature dream

Believe it or not, being a writer was my biggest dream as a kid. I used to make these little books, and write my own stories. As I got older, I was introduced to the world of novels. And I…

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on reverse, the mini bag crush

So, where do I start? When I look at my closet, I realised I have a huge addiction to purses. I can be pretty simple and monochrome when it comes to clothes, but I’m always on the lookout for new colours,…

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